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linux games for ubuntu linux
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Section Explanation
Alphabetical List Proper Alphabetical Listing of the Games Section
Adventure Games Because Yorgle, Rhindle, and Grundle appeared in first one...
Arcade Games Arydox, Chromium, No Gravity, StarFighter, Powermanga...
Board Games Chess, Domino, Card games...
Children Games Childsplay, GCompris...
Education Games Educational Software
FPS Games Shooters like Quake and stuff
MMORPG Games Planeshift type free games
Platform Games Side Scrolling Action
Puzzle Games Tetris. Who can live without Tetris?
Racer Games Because Driving a car at very high speeds is just cool
RPG Games Fantasy...
Simulation Games Flight Sims... Fun...
Sport Games Football, Basketball...
Strategy Games Because no one can get enough of LGeneral... I can't.
Tycoon Games Simcity clones, build and be rich
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